Emacs 21 for Mac OS 8/9

Emacs 21 for Mac OS X now has its own webpage

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The Mac OS 8/9 code is now part of the standard source distribution of Emacs 21. Although you can obtain the latest version of the source code by anonymous CVS from the Emacs project page, Emacs cannot bootstrap on Mac OS 8/9 so the Lisp files must be compiled on another platform (such as Mac OS X).

Obtaining Files for Emacs 21.1

Since it contains the compiled Lisp files, you can compile Emacs from its standard distribution, available from ftp.gnu.org or any of its mirrors. IMPORTANT: if you un-tar this file using StuffIt Expander, you must set the radio button in the Preferences->Cross Platform->Convert text files to Macintosh format to Never.

Then, follow the instructions in the file :mac:INSTALL to build it.

Emacs 21 does not run under Mac OS Classic on a machine with more than 256 MB of RAM. The Mac OS X version does not have this restriction.

SourceForge Project

The SourceForge project mac-emacs has been used to maintain Emacs on Mac OS 8/9. I will not further develop this Mac OS 8/9 version. I will maintain it in the sense that I will test bug fixes I received and incorporate them into the CVS repository.

The mailing lists mac-emacs-devel and mac-emacs-users have been used to discuss development and use of Emacs for Mac OS 8/9. Recently it has even been used to discuss matters concerning Emacs for Mac OS X. Since the Mac OS code is now part of the standard Emacs distribution, it is more suitable to use the venues already available to Emacs users and developers of other platforms. I would like to keep around the Mac OS 8/9 project at SourceForge for now, so people can find my projects, but phase out the mailing lists and discussion forums there.

So from now on, to discuss the development of Emacs for Mac OS 8/9 or submit patches and bug fixes, please post to the mailing list emacs-devel at gnu.org. To request help and report bugs, please use the methods listed in the following section.

USENET Newsgroups

Read the comp.emacs newsgroup for general information and announcements about Emacs.

Read bug reports and fixes in the gnu.emacs.bug newsgroup. To send a bug report from Emacs, type M-x report-emacs-bug RET.

Post questions to the gnu.emacs.help newsgroup.


You can send E-mail to me at or use this form).

Andrew Choi. August 15, 2002.